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About Us

It is our mission at Pure Love Elderly Care to bring forth high quality, affordable and flexible home care solutions for all our clients!

No one should have to spend their old age alone. No one should be forced to move into a nursing home either. If you want to remain at home, that option should be open to you. After all, recovery at home or aging in place is a right that all of us are entitled to. At Pure Love Elderly Care, we advocate for such right – sadly, today, this right has become a privilege for the few.
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Pure Love Elderly Care wants to change that by helping seniors, disabled individuals or those with medically-fragile situations to have the opportunity to practice their independence and choose the level of care that they get. Best of all, they can receive care right at home.

We are a privately-owned and managed home care agency which means that our priority is not a board of directors. Our priority is YOU! You have more control over the services you get. We work closely with you and your family to arrange a care schedule that you are happy with.

From personal care, companionship, homemaking assistance and safety supervision, you’ll only get the best possible care there is. This is what you deserve and that is what you get from Pure Love Elderly Care.

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