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9 responses to “Testimonial”

  1. K. Miya says:

    Pure Love Elderly Care has not disappointed us for almost three years. The agency has always tried to fulfill our needs.

  2. Jill Smith says:

    My experience with Pure Love Elderly Care has been POSITIVE PLUS since the first day of 24/7 care for my mother. For a little over two years my very senior mother has had excellent home care with wonderful and caring ladies who are happy to be working for Pure Love Elderly Care. These ladies adjust their work time to fit in with my mother’s hours of awake and sleep which is not the normal for most people. I feel extremely comfortable with the care these ladies provide in order to keep my mother safe and happy in her very advanced golden years. Pure Love Elderly Care conducts a very professional elderly care business.

  3. Isac Novian says:

    Pure Love Elderly Care, have been the most professional and caring caregivers agency my 92 year old mother and our entire family have ever experienced.
    Our relationship has been respectful, knowing I can totally rely on receiving the best care. Through out the past year, we have not had one single negative experience with them.

    Thanks for being there for my mom!

  4. Ken Marcus says:

    My 90-year old father went, almost overnight, from complete control of his life to delusions induced by a brain tumor. Being 5,000 miles away made things even more difficult.

    Using a larger, more visible service, we had no end of troubles in getting timely and caring service for my dad. We were extremely fortunate to be recommended to Pure Love, who showed up immediately, and reliably, for the remaining two months of my father’s life.

    Thank you, Pure Love, for being there and making a difficult time much easier to deal with.

  5. Ken says:

    Our family found needed assistance with our mother, and Pure Love came as a recommendation from a friend who works in a hospital. I’m so glad for this recommendation because Pure Love was great. They listened to our wants and needs, and really provided a level of service that allowed our family to be comfortable going back to our jobs knowing that mom was being taken care of. Our family really appreciates how Pure Love helped us.

  6. Amy Bouchez says:

    Pure Love Elderly Care came highly recommended when we needed assistance after my mother had a stroke. Besides being very compassionate, Joy and her staff were always accommodating to us and our needs. If you are in need of a thoughtful and empathetic elderly care service we definitely recommend Pure Love.

  7. Bill Fujioka says:

    I’m more than pleased to support and recommend Pure Love Elderly care. My family turned to Pure Love Elderly care when our mother fell and started to show signs of dementia. The care givers were warm and compassionate. In time, they became family. I strongly recommend their services

  8. Barbara says:

    Our family has been using Pure Love Elderly Care’s services for a few years now. Monica and Joy are helpful and understanding. Monica works very hard to find the appropriate caregiver for our parents’ needs. She is patient and always courteous. Finding the right caregiver sometimes means trying out different people. With the help of Pure Love, we’ve been able to do that. We have referred Pure Love to our friends who need help for their elderly parents.

  9. Ivan says:

    Pure Love Elderly Care helped us find a good nighttime caregiver for my mom who has Alzheimer’s. It took a few interviews, but it was worth it to find the person we have used for 7 months now. They have worked with us whenever there have been any issues, and overall it’s been a great experience. Very responsive to communication and they even brought a birthday present over that first month!

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